The International Sound Healing Research Institute
The Sound Healing Network (SHN), Formerly: The New England Sound Healing Research Institute (NESHRI) was founded November 2002 in Gloucester Massachusetts with the following vision
  • To bring together and build an international community of sound healers, therapists, practitioners, researchers, and those in the general public wanting to broaden their experience or understanding of sound healing and its many uses
  • To employ expanding and evolving Internet and web technologies, for the purpose of creating a thriving on-line network where sound healing communities around the globe may come together in a virtual space, without borders, and share experiences and knowledge of sound and vibrational healing with each other and the the rest of the world
  • To Coordinate, announce, and provide educational programs and conferences that enhance the study of sound healing for practitioners and the general public
  • To support scholars and research organizations who are interested in studying the effects of intention-alized sound and music on healing, stress reduction, and building community
  • To help create and support regional centers, (both locally and internationally) dedicated to the support of sound healing activities and sound events

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The Sound Healing Network is committed to spiritual as well as holistic health practice, and we teach about combining sound healing with other healing modalities. Our conferences, workshops, and gatherings are wonderful opportunities to learn from experienced sound healers and network about personal experiences.

The Sound Healing Network is very interested in networking with sound healers from around the globe. Please join us as a member and feel free to contact us to share your experiences in this vibrant field, so that we may share the magic of sound healing and practice it with others.

The Sound Healing Network is very interested in publishing articles, media, and presentations, by authors and researchers in the field of vibrational and sound healing. Please contact us here if you are interested in an opportunity to publish your work to a focused sound healing community around the world.

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