The International Sound Healing Research Institute

The NESHRI Board of Directors

Zacciah Blackburn

Director of Education

Mary Comtois

Director of Special Projects

We Honor our Founding and former Directors

Benyamin Sheppard

(former) Director of Knowledge Management

Michelle Herrera Foster, Ph.D.

(former) Director of Research

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Benyamin Sheppard and Michelle Herrera Foster, Ph. D., founded the New England Sound Healing Research Institute (NESHRI), now The Sound Healing Network (SHN), to share their vision of transforming health, consciousness, and world peace through sound and music and to bring the inner wisdom and spiritual techniques of sound and vibration into the world through a community of sound healers and metaphysical musicians.

In October of 2003, Zacciah Blackburn was invited to become a third Board member of NESHRI as Director of Education, where he contributes his great organizational & networking skills, and reputation as an internationally known teacher.

Mary Comtois began working with the NESHRI Board to assist in the clarification of business and administrative goals and standards in the spring of 2006. She has been inspirational in forging new projects, such as our monthly Teacher Teleconferences. Mary was invited to join the Board as Director of Special Projects in October, 2006.

In December, 2006, we chose the name The Sound Healing Network, to better represent the growing international nature of our membership and our growing work in networking and education, which have emerged as the primary focuses of our organization as it has evolved.

We continue to build and evolve a world-wide organization networking other sound healing organizations and individuals interested in sound healing and its effects, as well as bridging contemporary models of healing and wellness with the broadening understanding and varying modalities of sound therapies, and educating each other and the general populace on the nature and effectiveness of the use of sound in creating and enhancing well being.

Meanwhile, Dr. Michelle Herrera Foster, has found new projects to devote her life and work toward, and chose, in fall, 2006, to step down from her position as a Director at NESHRI. She remains active as an Advisory Board member, and Special Advisor to research and other projects. We give her our deepest thanks, and honor her for her dedicated service and vision in the formation of The Sound Healing Network.

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