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"Sound healing" is a term that is used to describe healing, or physical/emotional/spiritual balance, that is promoted by sound. It is different than "music therapy" in that it is neurologically oriented and not psychologically oriented. Sound therapy is based on the principles of resonance, entrainment, vibration, and intention (more articles to come on this.) The field of sound healing is also under the umbrella of vibrational medicine. All matter is vibration, and is therefore influenced by other vibrations, including sound, light/color, and inaudible/invisible frequencies.

There is a wealth of written material available on sound research, i.e. the physics of sound and its influence on matter and human physiology, clinical research studies, case studies, and personal accounts. The Sound Healing Network website will, over time, be expanding our links to other websites, references, and articles in this dynamically evolving field.

Sound healing techniques may be categorized as follows:

  • Toning - Use of the voice to create healing frequencies and qualities, often chakra-based. Sacred chant, although not typically described under toning, involves healing sounds from the word syllables as well as the voice. Guided Music:Improvised sound and music that is empowered by healing intention and is targeted toward the person receiving the healing.
  • Soul Song, Sacred Song - Also called spirit song or authentic voice, and related to toning and guided music, this intuitive sound and music is expressed directly from the soul of the person receiving the healing and deserves a category of its own.
  • Tuning Fork - A small steel instrument with two prongs that when struck sounds a fixed frequency that is about as close to a "pure" tone as you can find. One end is usually placed on the body to transfer resonance. Tuning forks can be aligned with and used on acupuncture meridians and they may also be tuned to the resonant frequency of the earth, other planets, and other energies.
  • Pure Tone - A theoretical sound that contains no harmonics other than its own fundamental. (i.e. the mathematical sine wave)
  • Singing bowls and gongs - Ancient sound healing practices are time-proven techniques. Bowls may be "sung" or struck with different mallets for different effects and listened to or placed on the body to resonate areas for healing. Gongs, when struck, have the ability to move blocked energy in the body, and vibrate every cell to the resonance of Wholeness.
  • Drumming - Drumming focuses on the principle of entrainment, which has many healing applications in therapy and building community.
  • Vibroacoustic Music (VAM) - Resonation of the body directly through nerve, skin, and bones, with the use of a sound table or sound chair.
  • Sonic Neurotechnologies - A term coined by Joshua Leeds in his book, The Power of Sound, this describes many sound-engineering techniques that have been researched for their healing effects.
  • Indigenous and Shamanic practice - The list of indigenous instruments and practices using sound healing are too numerous to list and may yet be undiscovered. Many NESHRI members combine Shamanic practice with sound healing, such as journeying and working with earth and ethereal energies and guides.
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