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Ben is a healing musician, composer, harmonic alchemist, and intuitive visionary. Ben comes from a diverse musical background that includes many forms of classical, folk, and shamanic traditions from around the world combined with Jazz/blues, and esoteric electro-acoustic music. Ben is also a certified piano tuner/technician and researcher of the beautiful, mystical, and profound mathematic principals behind sound, vibration, harmonics, and acoustics.

Ben’s early technical training led him to a career in software engineering for about 25 years. In parallel to his technical career, Ben studied music in Boston and holds a Bachelor of music composition from the New England Conservatory.

Ben’s metaphysical training includes: TM, Kriya Yoga (through Paramhansa Yogananda's linage), Pranayama, Multiphonic Chant, Reiki, and research of using music and sound for healing, meditation, and transformational work. Today, Ben uses an array of musical instruments from diverse ethnic traditions to compose and perform deeply inspired spiritually guided music. Contact Ben

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