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Welcome to The Sound Healing Network! We are a connected international community of individuals and organizations. We are committed to furthering awareness of the nature of sound healing as an effective tool for therapeutic healing, transforming consciousness, enhancing our every day life experience, and building community.

Sound Healing is a therapeutic field rapidly taking note by modern medicine and science due to its effective applications. Because we are vibrational beings, healing occurs though the effect of appropriate application of intentional sound, or the expression of unfelt emotions. Sound healers use voice, musical instruments, and modern technology to affect change in our well being.

Sound has been used as a healing catalyst throughout human history, across cultural bounds. Whether the nomadic shaman, the Tibetan Lama, or Christian, Islamic, Hindu, African or Jewish priest, musician, or cantor, sound has been found to carry us closer to that we hold as sacred, and to that we view as whole. Indeed, "to be whole" is the very meaning of "healing."

Sacred Singing, mantras and chant, toning (sounding one's unfelt emotions or improvised sounds expressing emotion,) Sacred Sound (touching the deeper consciousness waiting to be found and expressed,) entrainment, shamanic drumming, music therapy, the use of clear intention, communication, and mindfulness, all have a growing body of scientific foundation as to their effective use in the healing continuum of body, mind, and spirit.

Today, practitioners incorporate voice, crystal and ancient Tibetan bowls, bells and gongs, tuning forks, drums, chanting & toning, vibroacoustic tables and chairs, Cymatic therapies and scopes, composed and intuitive or improvisational music, in a variety of therapeutic modalities, often incorporating traditional therapeutic models, each focused on conscious intention, and mindful expression, creating an environment for healing, wellness, and growth.

Journey with us through our pages of practitioners, research, articles, events, our up to date news, and join us in our many special sound healing events and annual conference on sound healing presenting some of the most accomplished sound healers in the field.

The (International) Sound Healing Network was founded in 2002 by Healing Musicians Benyamin Sheppard, and Dr. Michelle Herrera Foster, to support research, education, networking, and community building of sound healers, therapists, practitioners, researchers, and those in the general public wanting to broaden their experience or understanding of sound healing and its many uses. From our humble beginnings on the Shores of Cape Ann Massachusetts we have grown into an international organization to embrace and support similar communities around the globe. Join with us to continue that vision!
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